Say cheese! What? People just love to plaster on an inane grin or a vacuous pout on their faces and snap away. The digital age has made amateur photographers and paparazzo’s out of us all. The age of Instagram, Snapchat et al. has brought the ease of clicking a pic literally into the populace’s lap! A long time ago, posing for a photo was a big deal. It included a gathering of a people or individual, usually being dolled up and striking a dramatic or stoic pose for quite some time. All the while someone else would be tampering with a contraption that was larger than they are, and would proceed to tamper with chemicals that were potentially fatal… The outcome of such a Herculean endeavor was a teensy little grey square showing a blurry sepia colored image (a filter that lies a mere tap away on Instagram nowadays).

Photographs still dictate appearances and a quick snap of a voyeuristic lens. A tap of a finger documents our lives in vivid detail nowadays. Perhaps this exhaustive parade of images is becoming a tad too vivid and descriptive and now takes a snapshot of areas of our lives quicker than some people think at times. The perils of a bad photo or photo bomb phenomena, some moron hijacking a perfectly framed image ready to click until a nose or worse body part is horned into it! Not only this, but the ability to capture snippets of the surrounding planet now has grown into a communication grid of its own standing. Meaning that every now and then, a picture surfaces that hasn’t really been intended to be viewed by the wider population. Or something has been randomly snapped minus a reasonable explanation, or something has been glimpsed whose oddity needs to be captured for posterity and the ages. The flash of the camera has often left a negative taste and dash of bewilderment. So let’s focus on this…

10. By Any Means Necessary


‘It’s grim up North!” Is an adage often spouted in the UK (particularly from people in the north of England) and so is the onerous task of lugging building equipment from one place to another. The common school of thought is that transporting said equipment (along with the people who are going to use it) in a car avoids unnecessary aggravation and difficulty of getting stuff from A to B. However, it seems that someone forgot to give the passengers of this particular car that memo. Without the luxury of a roof rack, the drivers who no doubt needed a ladder for an unfortunately undisclosed task, the passengers were assigned the job of clutching the climbing apparatus… out of a wound down window no less! Let’s hope their DIY isn’t so risk taking!

9. OK Computer?

ok comp-heavy.com_-1

We do love our computers and many people are prone to do bizarre things with these digital companions. It is also widely known that often much viewing on computers involve individuals’ downstairs parts, but not in the manner that is depicted in this image, that’s for sure! With a laptop strapped around his family jewels, this man stands astride two garden chairs and clutches on fiercely to some burning torches. To top off this strange display, is a label attached to the guy’s torso that reads: “I am serious now.” Was he joking before? And if so, what was he joking about before and why is he serious now? One thing he is not serious about, is treating his junk with a little TLC!

8. Cold War Accessories

cold wars-6RL2L

The Cold War was the longest and most propagandized war that never was. The political, technological and ideological conflict between America and the U.S.S.R. endured until the end of the 80s and the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, when the Iron Curtain succumbed to rust and crumbled between western Europe and the Eastern Bloc. Yet for many years, particularly during the 50s and 60s, these tensions simmered and almost boiled over in the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis. However, averting World War III and edging out one another in space exploration aside, the “Red Under the Bed” threat seemed all too real, thanks to the hysteria whipped up by the likes of McCarthy et al. Yet maybe this woman took her paranoia a tad too far? The purpose of this image is unknown. Was it a random snap shot of someone so fraught by the media hype that she took to the streets in a gas mask and a baby stroller that resembles more of a Houdini escapist contraption than anything else! Perhaps this photograph is from the pages of a Cold War catalog extolling the virtues of still being able to nip out to the supermarket in a nuclear fall-out zone? Who knows?

7. Doppelganger Airlines


As if budget airline Ryan Air wasn’t laden with stress enough. A airplane resembling a shuttle full of airborne cattle heaped with charges for even things like using the toilet being considered as, for one airline passenger, the endurance of embarking on this short haul flight took a very bizarre turn for two of the passengers as they leaped to the skies on a foreign jaunt. Imagine being squeezed into a plane seat and turning your head to see your hairy, bearded and ginger doppelganger? Well, this was in fact the case for these two and one of their wives captured the moment for oddities’ posterity. There has been a theory that a person has their double lingering somewhere on this planet or the many spheres of the multiverse, yet no one expects to be sat next to them!

6. E.T.’s Mishap!


A bike read can be a variety of things for the cyclist alighting the vehicle. It can be the setting for a sedate journey from A to B. Or bike riding can also represent a great form of exercise combined with transportation needed to get somewhere quicker than going on foot. Bicycles are also a great way of one lessening their impact on the environment, requiring only muscle power as opposed to the horse power of gas fuelled motors. Bikes have also been the centre of some of movies most iconic scenes, most notably for cinema, sci-fi and Steven Spielberg fans, E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial, ranks most iconic amongst them. Especially the scene where the alien and his human boy companion and friend, Elliot, take to the sky and their magical telekinetic flight eclipses a giant full moon. It snared imaginations and hearts, showing love and friendship transcends everything. Although the flight seemed to be perfected after several slip ups, according to this photograph. Many aerial tests of the memorable scene appear to have fallen afoul of humans erecting objects that go straight up and hinder flight, even to the point where skewering a bike is the result! As E.T. would say… OUCH!

5. Kinky Tube


London is a vast and vibrantly urgent sprawling metropolis and is often seen as a melting pot that contains all sorts of ingredients. The city above is almost mirrored by a subterranean city below, a massive and intricate hive of tunnels known more affectionately and colloquially as “The Tube.” Inhabiting or even visiting a large city often makes a person feel tiny and also opens their eyes to the weird and wonderful panoply of the human experience… this is precisely what this picture highlights in all it’s freaky glory! Whether the person in this picture was going to a fancy dress (costume) party – highly unlikely – or was attending and never had time to change so did slipped into their gimp outfit before they arrived there, we’ll never know. But to the guy photobombing, it was clearly a source of confused hilarity. Now this moment and a friendly gimp on The Tube will forever be documented in the annals of odd imagery!

4. Waxwork Apocalypse!


The idea of a waxwork is creepy enough. A building stocked to the rafters with figures that vaguely ape famous figures from popular culture and history is the stuff of some people’s nightmares and certainly is a weird thing to emerge in the first place. Premier among these waxworks museums is the legendary Madame Tussaud’s in London and the image in question shows the aftermath of some of the collection following a fire in the museum. Far from the cheap B-Movie zombie this picture nearly seems to resemble, it is in fact the remnants of the collection salvaged from the blaze. Admittedly, the bodies do seem as though they will become animated by some diabolical force and come for your soul!

3. Hitching A Flight


Think only humans require swift passage from spot to another? Think again! Rodents are ostensibly pressed for time too, as it appears this weasel in the next image seems to be! In fact, the innocent hitchhiking belies a more sinister undertone, the weasel was hungry and spied this woodpecker as a potential meal and clearly didn’t expect to become airborne as a result of it’s predatory intentions! According to the photographer, Martin Le-May from Essex, UK, the woodpecker escaped with its life after the bold attempted murder by the weasel. Instead it got the ride of it’s life where it had to hang on for dear life. Nature is tough!

2. The Internet, Personified!

the intrnet-CFDIX

Some pics go beyond bizarre and thankfully our world can now share these images in a flash! Although some things are just beyond words and need and surpass any ability for us to explain. There is the common question: “if the internet had to be described to someone 30 thirty years ago. How would it be described?” Perhaps this image would go some of the way to embody the weirdness that now lurks a click of a mouse or the touch of a screen away. The perfect realization that the internet has become an extension of the myriad, perplexing strangeness of the human condition… or maybe it’s just Darth Vader in a kilt, riding a unicycle and playing the bagpipes!

1. Living the Dream!

living dream-9YDP3

Hope is perhaps the most enduring aspect of humanity and society, it drives and spurs us on through the darkness into the light of discovering our potential… even if that potential is a little “out there!”

“Dream it and you can achieve it!” – despite that achievement amounting to little more than a triumph of perfectly designed cardboard wrapped to mimic a sea creature. A narwhal is roughly a unicorn of the oceans, leaping over the waves with the abandon of the mythical equine creature of the land… and this guy is having the piece of that pie any way he can, dammit!


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