Balloons are a party staple – we hang them up, hand them out, and if we’re feeling especially ambitious, might even spend awhile playing with them. But did you know that balloons also have a variety of other uses, ones that range from crafty to handy to just downright adorable?


#1. Fashion a DIY button bowl

Using a balloon, buttons, and some clear-drying glue, you can create on of these adorable button bowls in now time.



#2. Form a cloud from balloons.

This cute DIY is a great decoration for a kid’s birthday party, or even a prom.



#3. Construct DIY Tree Branches Light

Use a balloon to create this interesting light fixture, made from small branches and glue.



#4. Dip balloons in chocolate.

This is a creative new way to serve your desserts. The best part? No dishes when you’re finished.

cream ballon


#5. Freeze some magical lawn decorations.

Using balloons, you can create charming ice luminaries for your home, turning your front yard into a winter wonderland.



#6. Having a party? Put out balloon-dipped mason jars.

This is a creative way to keep everyone’s glasses straight, sans permanent market.



#7. Fill balloons with water and freeze some ice candles.

How gorgeous would these look at a winter wedding?



#8. Recycled balloon vases.

Add visual interest to your plastic bottle vases with a colorful balloon.

bottle ballon


#9. Create simple, elegant centerpieces.

String, adhesive, and a balloon are all you need to make these chic centerpieces for your next dinner party.



#10. Make an Easter string basket.

An adorable take on a traditional Easter basket that’s just begging to be filled up with goodies.



#11. Heat up som DIY candle holders.

The heat from a lamp helps these doilies firm up around the balloon to create these fancy candle holders



#12. Moody pendant lights for ambiance.

These great lights were molded around balloons and then hung from the ceiling for a low-key vibe.


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