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Science Just Declared a Reason For More Men to Start Growing Beards

A study left mannequins in the intense sunlight of the Australian outback, some bearded and some completely bare. When comparing results, researchers found that those bearded had blocked 90–95% of harmful UV rays from the sun.

So what does that mean for your health, fellas?


One of the researchers, Alfio Parisi, told Men’s Journal, “The percentage of UV blocked to the skin depends on the thickness and angle of the sun. … Provided the beard is of reasonable thickness, I do not think there is a need to slather sunscreen over the beard due to the protection it provides.”

Go on…

This essentially means human beard owners age slower.

That’s a huge victory for beards everywhere. Don’t forget they also capture pollen and other irritants like a fuzzy forcefield protecting those with allergies.



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