If there is one thing that is very important in a WWE Diva, it’s a knockout body. On top of that, you better believe they are fierce! When you combine them? You get the list of the 20 Divas that not only could knock you around, but are a knockout in a bikini. WWE Divas need to have skills in the ring if they are going to stick around, but it’s fair to say that having a killer body also plays to their advantage.

Fighting aside, we like to see our Divas as both sexy and powerful and there is no place where they can command attention quite like the beach. It’s true that the Divas put in a lot of hard work to look the way they do. And for you fan boys out there, we have tried to do justice to all body types on this list. We know you like all of them and don’t want to leave even a single one left unchecked.

These lovely ladies on our list don’t just look great when they are in the ring, they look absolutely gorgeous when they step out of the ring, too. The only disclaimer is that this list may be too hot to handle, and keeps getting hotter, so proceed with caution.


1. Charlotte

1. Charlotte

When wrestling is in your blood, beach body issues rank the last. But we must say, Charlotte has the best body we have seen. She is the daughter of WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair. Charlotte is the current WWE Divas Champion (no we are not biased towards winners). And in 2014 was named the Rookie of the Year. This lovely blonde was a volleyball player in high school and was a personal trainer. Now the personal trainer part surely shows in her body and as a former volleyball player, she is a towering five foot ten. She is definitely the hottest chick on the list.

2. Eden

2. Eden

Even before we see her beach body, we just want to say that Eden is absolutely gorgeous. Her bronzed skin and lovely eyes are just breath taking! Okay, we will stop now. Eden is clearly talented, operating as a ring announcer and a model. Okay, she is technically not a Diva but she is signed up with the WWE and has given more than her fair share to the world of wrestling. She even models and has appeared on magazines such as Maxim. Our girl is totally going places with advertisements for KFC and Budweiser to her credit. If Colonel Sanders thinks she is hot enough, so do we!

3. Eva Marie

3. Eva Marie

This hot red head is known for her curvy looks and it is easy to see why. Eva is a fitness model and a stunner and there was no way we were keeping her off this list. This belle from Orlando has natural good looks and a wrestling record to back it. She also works as a valet and actress. Very few people know that she played Soccer for California State University. This girl is clearly not just all looks, as she also has a degree in business management. A bit of brains with a hot body will surely be a plus in this list of ours. We surely wish her luck in future endeavors.

4. Lana

4. Lana

Lana is clearly talented, as she has succeeded as an actress, dancer, manager and singer. She is a Southern girl and her background is of Portuguese and Venezuelan descent. Now we know where she gets her gorgeous looks (and an amazing beach body) from. This blonde has worked in eight movies in all and has also done plenty of TV. She featured in the Real Housewives of Atlanta as herself. If there is one lady who has managed to mint some fame and fortune, it is Lana. She is such a legendary Diva that she has also appeared in some of the video games. In our opinion, Lana is fit to be on this list for her on stage and off stage hotness and of course, that crazy beautiful beach body.

5. Emma

5. Emma

This beautiful lady is from down under and at 26 she is already an accomplished wrestler. Emma has appeared in World of Hurt reality TV show, which made her quite a star in Canada. She later moved to Florida and has appeared in Raw. It was her brother who introduced her to wrestling and since then she decided to take it up as a career. Looking at the strides she made from Australia to US, it can be said that Emma is ready to do anything to get to where she wants. She has also appeared on Total Divas on E!.

6. Sasha Banks

7. Sasha Banks

This 23-year-old lissome beauty is former NXT Women’s Champion. Although she is not currently seen in action due to injury, this Californian damsel is known for her never-say-die attitude in the ring. We surely miss that lovely show of naval from her. She is one of the best Chaotic Wrestlers around and has once won the Chaotic Wrestling Women’s Championship. Very few people know that she is related to Snoop Dogg and is a huge fan of K-pop music. We don’t know of any Diva in love with K-pop and we must say, we’re liking this lady with eclectic taste.

7. Natalya

8. Natalya

This Canadian siren comes from the family of wrestlers and trained under the tutelage of her uncle Bruce and Ross Hart (Yes, she is from a hardcore wrestling family). She signed up with WWE in 2007 and has seen her career skyrocket. She was part of the Total Divas reality television by WWE and E!. She may have one of the curvaceous bodies in the business, but it has to endure the price of the sport. Natalya recently talked about her concerns over her injury and a likely comeback to the ring. The fans are going to be absolutely delighted by that news as. Natalya is eye catching in more ways then one. All we can say is, can’t wait to see you in action Natalya!

8. Lilian Garcia

9. Lilian Garcia

This Spanish singer and ring announcer calls herself a “military brat” and impressively graduated from university cum laude. This impressive resume only adds to her appeal as a beautiful lady. She is not Spanish but was born in Spain because of her father’s career at the American Embassy in Spain. She is bilingual, for which she might not earn extra beach body points, but it definitely makes her cooler. In 2012, she had a horrible injury in which she tore her meniscus in her right knee, but has since has since made a strong recovery. Perhaps it is due to her military genes, but whatever it may be, one thing we do know is that Miss Garcia is certainly raising temperature on the readers of this list.

9. Summe10. Summer Rae

This hot lady towers over others at five foot ten and never fails to flash her long legs. We don’t even want to get started on how hot she looks in a bikini. She was cast in Total Divas for season two and three and is not just a wrestler, but a model, actress and also an American football player. She was part of Chicago Bliss at the Lingerie Football League (No, it’s not what you think!) She has also appeared in WWE video games and the movie The Marine 4: Moving target. It looks like Rae is making use of all of her assets to the best of her ability.

10. Nikki Bella


Now comes the better half of the Bella twins (Sorry again, Brie!). Nikki was always the better one at wrestling and has held the WWE Divas Champions title for a record 301 days. This lovely lady with a body to die for was also ranked in Pro Wrestling Illustrated Female 50 in 2015. Nikki is of Mexican and Italian descent and played soccer from a very young age. Nikki always had her eyes on a career in showbiz and moved to LA in 2002. If that’s not ambition, what is! The twins made their first ever TV appearance on Meet My Folks that aired on Fox.


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